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Please Note: If any changes are made to the primary package or a secondary element is added to the packaging — label, custom decoration, boxing, etc. — clients will need to register for unique CPNP numbers and declare their own Responsible Person.

Skin Transforming Serum

1 oz. | ync-tsl 109a

Vitamin C Night Cream

1.25 oz. | ync-vit 105

Vitamin C Serum

.5 fl.oz. | ync-vit 102a

Hydration X3 Serum Concentrate

1 oz. | ync-hyd 107

Hydration X3 Mist

1 oz | ync-hyd 108

Glow Mask

2.2 oz. | ync-tsl 114

Transforming Eye Cream

.5 fl. oz. | ync-tsl 113a

Vitamin C Eye Treatment

.5 fl.oz. | ync-vit 104a

Vitamin C Toner

6 fl.oz. | ync-vit 101