Give ‘em lip. Any way they like it. Gloss, cream, balm, sheer, shimmer, lined. Sensual finishes in show stopping shades and formulas that ensure your customers’ lips are always in the spotlight.

Liquid Lustre - Seduction 12b

Liquid Lustre

New and Improved Doe Foot Applicator

Net Wt. 0.21 oz. | ync-lqcr12b

Lip Gloss - Super Copper 12b

.40 oz. | ync-jcy 12b

Lip Gloss - Super Bare 21b

.40 oz. | ync-jcy 21b

Luxury Lip Gloss- Skinny Dip

.21 oz. | ync-lqlg104a

Lip Gloss - Super Candy 06b

.40 oz. | ync-jcy 06b

Lip Gloss - Super Sweet 15b

.40 oz. | ync-jcy 15b

Lip Gloss - Super Charming 16b

.40 oz. | ync-jcy 16b

Lip Gloss - Super Pomegranate 20b

.40 oz. | ync-jcy 20b

Lip Gloss - Super Clear 08b

.40 oz. | ync-jcy 08b